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Rental Search

Searching for a property to rent can be just as exhausting and time consuming as searching for a property to purchase, particularly in the current market where rental properties often move very quickly. Many hours spent trawling through often unreliable and out of date listings and content on the internet, combined with never-ending phone calls to agents (hoping they keep you in mind when a suitable property becomes available), as well as many wasted journeys to view properties that are a disappointment when you walk through the door. Once a property has been found, there is still a long way to go before the deal is secured, agreements signed and you are handed the keys.

All incredibly frustrating and time consuming! This is where Absolute Home Finders can assist you.

We assist in making sure the best available rental property is sourced and secured for you. As well as enabling as smooth a transition as possible into your new home.

Whilst we provide a tailor made service to meet your individual needs, these are the key points of service provided:

An initial discussion at a time convenient to yourself - An initial discussion at a time convenient to yourself to understand your requirements. We will ask you to fill in a questionnaire and advise on the best areas that fit your requirements.

We contact all known sources including our private contacts - These include estate agents who cover your chosen areas as well as our private contacts. We are often contacted by landlords who wish to let their properties privately. Our established relationships with local estate agents and contacts means we often hear about properties new to the market before details have been published.

We pre-view suitable properties if time permits, eliminating unsuitable ones - We pre-view properties which fit your criteria, eliminating any that are unsuitable. What appears to look good on paper may often be disappointing when viewed! The letting market can be fast moving, so on some occasions pre-viewing a property may not be advisable incase you miss out. Under these circumstances we would suggest meeting you at the property without our pre-viewing first. Alternatively, dependent on your schedule, we can also arrange a day out with you to view a shortlist of properties that fit your criteria with no pre-viewing.

Discuss suitable finds - We contact you with a detailed report on suitable properties we have pre-viewed and discuss the pros and cons of each. You decide which properties you would like to view.

We accompany your viewings - We arrange and accompany your viewings at a time convenient for you and assist you to evaluate each property.

Provide area information on any suitable properties - Once you have expressed an interest in a property, we can provide you with local area information specific to your requirements.

Negotiate and oversee tenancy agreement - Once you decide to make an offer on a property, you can choose whether to negotiate directly with the agent or we can do this for you. We will help you negotiate the rental cost and also the tenancy agreement.

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